Saving Taxpayers Money, New Buffalo Style

In December 2017, City Manager Dave Richards proposed to the City Council members download (9)that the city employees receive a taxpayer funded year end bonus.  Always eager to please the employees, the Council members rushed their approval. You can view it on the last city council live stream video allowed by the city employees.  By the way, Richards also requested additional paid sick time even though he had not even served a year yet,  Again, the council had no problem spending taxpayers money to support the employees.

images (5)Now the city employees are claiming a budget constraint that could only be eased by eliminating the live streaming of public meetings to save a measly $4,000 annually.  This time the employees didn’t bother with the Council’s approval.  They changed the policy on their own, perhaps in anticipation of a self-imposed Easter bonus.  Administrative staff continues to establish just who is in charge at city hall and it isn’t the people elected to represent us.

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