The following video contains a message about patience from Mayor Lou O’Donnell and Mayor Pro Tem Liz Ennis to Donna Messinger.

Mayor O’Donnell and Mayor Pro Tem Ennis, Donna Messinger has patiently waited for action by both of you and the other council members ever since she viewed a city surveillance video that caught Street Supervisor Tony Ashbaugh speaking about a gun, a city employee, a city council meeting, and Messinger – all in the same sentence.

images (7).jpgIn December 2016, she filed an ethics complaint against Ashbaugh for his inappropriate language and one against O’Donnell and Council members Kroll and Spirito for doing nothing when she requested action by them.

In January 2017, Mayor O’Donnell told Messinger there would be no investigation of her ethics complaint until a FOIA lawsuit concerning the Ashbaugh videos was resolved.  In August 2017, the city lost that case.

In December 2017, Messinger again requested that the City Council investigate her ethics complaint, taking O’Donnell at his word.  But the Mayor wasn’t as good as his word and there was another excuse to wait, this time for Ashbaugh’s lawsuit against the city to be resolved.

March 2018, Ashbaugh dropped his suit, Messinger attended the council meeting, and no word from the Mayor or any of the Council members images (9).jpgaddressing her long awaited ethics complaint while promises were made but never kept.

Why must Messinger wait when the Council spent $10,000 so Ashbaugh’s complaint against former Police Chief Pitchford could be investigated the month he brought it to the Council?  Is it because Messinger is a woman or because her ethics complaint includes Mayor O’Donnell?

This issue is not going to die and it will be rehashed over and over until the council members take complaints made by women as seriously as the complaints made by men.

4 thoughts on “P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E

  1. Susan Gotfried Post author

    Donna, you are so right. I remember when Liz Ennis asked Lou O’Donnell if he had informed you that your ethics complaint had to wait until after the FOIA lawsuit – of course he didn’t because if he did, you would have evidence. But Ms. Ennis stays mum about the whole thing now. She doesn’t seem to care if you are acknowledged or not – what you went through at the hands of the men in charge of the city could be considered hell. Mostly they were against you because you read the packet and questioned expenditures and other appropriate issues. Either the council members are discussing the issues outside of the meetings, since they never question anything or maybe they have been warned that they will be treated like you if they do. Peer pressure and a threat of a city employee to start a suit against them?

  2. Donna

    Agnes, it’s not very cute what the city is doing to all the tax payers. It’s actually quite disgusting.

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