Laws made to be broken (by city employees)?

job well doneAccording to the City Charter, the proceedings of every council meeting are supposed to be published on the City’s official website within 15 days after a meeting.   In 2015, the city council requested the voters approve that amendment to the Charter.  Yet the council members aren’t requiring the city employees to fulfill it.  The request for the change in the Charter was due to the council’s pledge to live stream meetings as a way to meet the proposed provision.  The voters approved the amendment so the council fulfilled their pledge to the public.

When Vander Clay and other employees at city hall eliminated the live stream recording of council meetings, they didn’t bother to fulfill the Charter mandate some other way.  There is no posting of the proceedings of the March 20, 2018 council meeting on the city’s website and according to an email from Vander Clay, she isn’t violating the Charter.  Could she believe she is exempt from following laws?

Tomorrow and Friday, there will be two special council meetings.  Will Vander Clay post the proceedings of those two meetings within 15 days of the meetings or should we believe the city employees are not legally required to follow our local laws?


5 thoughts on “Laws made to be broken (by city employees)?

  1. Susan Gotfried Post author

    JoJo, It appears the nobody cares about the quality of work or complying to laws at city hall and that includes the council members. They are taking lessons from a city employee who is very well versed on how to maneuver on the edge of the law. Instructed by this employee, they might have figured out that they can get away with violating the Charter, ordinances, and policies as long as nobody takes them to court where a judge would tell them that they can’t violate the law.

  2. JoJo

    Are these individuals incompetent or blatantly unlawful? Is anyone on the city council literate?

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