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When Donna Messinger filed an ethics compliant against Tony Ashbaugh concerning remarks he made about her on a public surveillance video, she was told by the City Council members that it could not be discussed due to the ongoing FOIA court case.

After Judge Wiley ruled the public surveillance videos are within the public domain and not protected through the privacy exemption of the Freedom of Information Act, City Clerk Lori Van Clay continued to deny FOIA requests for the videos last week. Her denial included a contradiction of Wiley’s ruling, protection through the Freedom of Information Act, and they could not be released due to the ongoing FOIA court case.

download (3)Yet the City Council allowed Street Supervisor Tony Ashbaugh, identified as part of the city leadership, to discuss the contents of the videos on TV 57 this past Monday.  What is good for the ‘city leadership’ is not good for the general public.

2 thoughts on “Hypocritical?

  1. Susan Gotfried Post author

    I believe the mayor and council members have perfected that one George. They were indignant when they find dealing with the general public distasteful because the public is on to their fake sincerity.

  2. george dobie

    ‘When you have learned how to fake sincerity, you have it pretty much made.” ANOM.

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