Green is Good!

Investing in infrastructure is a good thing, but let’s be sure to invest in green and grey infrastructure alike. To do otherwise is simply building bridges over troubled waters.
Amanda Rodewald, Director of Conservation Science, Cornell University

Like cities all across the United States, New Buffalo needs renewable energy goals.

Recently, Consumer Energy announced they have a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% while increasing the use of sustainable energy sources.  For the first time ever, renewable energy sources are cheaper than fossil fuels and because they are environmentally friendly, the best choice for today. With the widespread low-cost availability of  solar panels, wind turbines and thermal batteries, renewable energy sources have the potential of not only heating and cooling the sidewalks but the entire downtown if our city leadership wants it. With so many people choosing electric cars, hopefully charging stations are part of the downtown plan, a small step in recognizing that green is good and welcomed here.

When other cities in Michigan installed their downtown snowmelt systems many years ago, renewable energy sources were cost prohibited.  Today that isn’t true and because our downtown is completely torn up, we have a unique opportunity to use sustainable energy sources to create an download (3).jpgeco-friendly zone that could make New Buffalo a highly desirable destination for both business and pleasure – being green is good.


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